Transformative Leadership Example

If you seek direction on how to enhance your leadership skills, look to one of America’s greats – Abraham Lincoln.  In her HBR article, “Lincoln and the Art of Transformative Leadership,” historian and Pulitzer Prize winning author, Doris Kearns Goodwin, identifies several “EQ” practices Lincoln used to unite and move the country forward during desperate and frictional times.  Included among them are:

-       Know when failed policies demand a change in direction

-       Anticipate contending viewpoints

-       Know when to hold back and when to move forward

-       Set an example

-       Understand the emotional needs of the team

-       Refuse to let past resentments fester

-       Control angry impulses

-       Protect colleagues from blame

-       Keep your word

-       Gauge sentiment

-       Establish trust

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