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Points North Strategies provides comprehensive strategic planning and leadership development services to navigate organizations in directions that improve performance.




There is a need to learn and grow at all levels in an organization.  An informative strategic planning process provides a learning and sharing outlet for all.  Every stakeholder’s perspective provides an opportunity by engaging the most valued company resources: its in-house talent. The day-to-day ambassadors of your organization who know what is working well, and what is not; they have ideas about your priorities that will help propel your organization to the next level.  Leading strategic planning sessions at all levels of your organization – board, clients and in-house talent – will help create a map to put your organization on a path to operate effectively, efficiently, and economically.  



Organizations must adapt to market changes and differing requirements of stakeholders.  Often, this requires evaluation of the internal organization and at times functional areas must be eliminated, merged, or re-created.  For this, a sensitive and delicate process is needed to navigate and execute with a focus on identifying your employees’ strengths and skill gaps by using positive leadership models.  We will work with your organization to move in a positive direction and produce successful outcomes.



We develop and deliver board governance orientation and training programs customized to fit the unique needs of your organization in a template that can be re-used annually. Our turn-key program will give your board members the knowledgebase and practical strategies they need to effectively operate the organization.

It is imperative that any board/staff relationship have a solid foundation that is based on three key principles: 1) mutual respect, trust, and support; 2) reciprocal communication process; and, 3) shared purpose and mission. To ensure this, management should hold orientations for new board members to outline the governing policies of the organization, identify immediate issues and tasks and discuss with the board and management team those priority items the organization should take up in the coming year.  Providing an opportunity for skill-based governance training will enable members of the board and management team to perform at the highest level for the benefit and advancement of the organization. 



Stakeholder involvement is critical to successful project execution and organizational management. Frequently, many valuable resources are wasted and credibility and integrity damaged when stakeholder engagement is the last item on a project plan.  At Points North Strategies, we can identify such a situation and assist in developing a successful plan, lead the implementation process, and evaluate the information gathered during engagement sessions to build winning strategies.    



Capturing an idea and making it a reality can be both exciting and daunting. Imagining possibilities is a valuable tool for mapping it out and writing clear descriptions, task lists, milestones, budgets, and reporting mechanisms.  We can assist you and your project team in identifying a successful road map that can be used as a template for your organization to navigate and manage projects.